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Baltimore Camera Club is the oldest continuously operating photographic society in the USA (incorporated 1884).

All are welcome to attend - it's free - however, only members may enter competition.

There are no qualifications for membership - absolute beginner to world-class expert, there will be something for you here.

Activities include monthly color print, monochrome print and projected digital image competitions, with categories for novice, intermediate and unlimited; programs and on the art and science of photography; local outings and overnight expeditions to selected destinations.

BCC embraces all forms of the photographic process, from the latest in digital techniques to polaroid transfers to daguerrotypes (if you have some, bring 'em in, we'd love to see them!)

Membership fees are due in September at the start of the club year and are $65.00 for individuals and $75.00 for families.  

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Existing Members - Pay Annual Dues 

For information, email - (Club President)

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